About W&CS

Special interest sections are voluntary clubs within The Camping and Caravanning Club, which organise meets, social events and activities for their members based around a particular hobby, interest or unit type. The Walking & Cycling Section (W&CS) is the special interest section for Club members who enjoy walking or cycling in scenic areas of countryside.

Our Northern, Peakland and Wessex Areas each organise a programme of meets from early spring to late autumn each year. All members of The Camping and Caravanning Club are entitled to attend our meets.

Visit one of our meets and you are likely to find that one or more group walks are organised each day. All of our walks are led by volunteer walk leaders. When planning our routes we take into account the range of abilities of members on site and try to find walks with distances and gradients that match a variety of needs. Alternatively you may decide to choose your own route or simply spend the day relaxing on site.

Our cycling members usually plan their own rides either singly or in small groups. Many of our members enjoy both walking and cycling and will choose both boots and wheels to explore the countryside during a meet.

During the winter months our Northern Area and Peakland Area arrange winter walks.

Each May we hold a five night Festival of Walking and Cycling meet which also includes our Section Annual General Meeting.

Festival of Walking - May 2016